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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I compete in Miss Scuba International twice?
Contestants may compete again, only after one (1) calendar year.

Do I have to pay to enter the Miss Scuba International pageant?
Yes, a participation fee of USD100 applies for all at-large contestants.

How is the Pageant judged?
Each contestant will be judged in 5 Areas of Competition: Individual Talent, Personality, Marine Conservation Knowledge, Catwalk and Appearance and Interviews.

Are family members, friends and/or National Directors allowed to accompany their delegate during the competition?
Visiting family, friends or National Directors are strictly not allowed during the pre-pageant competition.

Are body tattoos allowed?
Small visible tattoos are acceptable and can be masked with body make-up, if you desire.

How do my family and friends get tickets to attend the Grand Finals?
Ticket information can be obtained from the Miss Scuba International Organisation, closer to the date of the pageant.

If my family or friends want to attend the pageant, where do they stay?
They may stay in the pageant's "Host Hotel". Family and friends rates normally apply.

Will someone pick from the airport on arrival?
Yes, a representative from Miss Scuba International Organisation will meet and greet you on arrival.

Who shall shoulder the expenses (e.g hotel accommodation) if I arrive before the pageant?
If a contestant arrives before the pageant period, your room for those nights would be at your own expense.

Will the pageant be televised?
To be advised